Discover Goa, The Less Travelled. GOA After Lockdown..

Goa, booming seas, scenic nature, beautiful and clean temples, Portuguese and Roman style architecture churches, nightlife for youth, and foreign tourists are some of the images that come to mind.

Due to its beaches famous for its natural beauty, Goa is an attraction for local and foreign tourists and tourism is an important business here. Goa is also famous for its ancient temples and unique architecture. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is the largest Christian pilgrimage site in Asia in Goa. 

Situated in the Sahyadri foothills Goa has a lot of biodiversities. Goa is known in India as a scenic place and rich in literature and architectural monuments.

Goa has two main divisions namely North Goa and South Goa. Panjim is the capital of Goa and is located in North Goa

Madgaon (Margao) is famous  for Goan Portuguese style architectural structures Margao is situated in South Goa and the commercial capital of Goa 

Vasco and Parvari are also two major cities in Goa. 

Goa has many tourist attractions such as beautiful, coconut-betel orchards, golden soft sandy white beaches, Portuguese churches, serene temples, sanctuaries, cruise rounding in the Mandovi river, nature, true travelers, parasailing, and banana rides. Delicious fish makes Goa fascinating. 



Panaji is the capital of Goa built by the Portuguese on the banks of the river Mandvi. Atal Setu greets you while entering Panaji. As we cross Atal Bridge (Atal Setu) over the Mandovi river the capital Panaji welcomes you. In the Asia continent most churches are in Panaji City. Some of the Churches are included by World Heritage Sites (UNESCO) 

The  few  Perspective  places in Panaji

Panaji Museum of Archeology (GOA STATE MUSEUM)

Reis Magos fort

Secretariat Goa 

Panaji Church (The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate


Miramar Beach: (Distance from Panaji: 3km) 

This magnificent urban beach is located at the Mandvi River where it joins the Arabian Sea. It is the most popular beach in the state, so tourists and locals come here every day to relax on the sandy beach. There are several hotels, including the GTDC-operated Miramar Residency.

miramar beach

Old Goa (Goa Velha)

Basilica of St. Church Basilica Church: (Distance from Panaji: 13km) 

Basilica of Bom Jesus(BomJesus Basilica) built-in 1605 A D. is the oldest church in Goa. The remains of St. Francis Xavier are kept here, making it extremely popular among tourists. 

Like other churches in old Goa, this church is also included in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Basilica_of_Bom_Jesus_Old Goa

ASI Museum (Museum of Christian Art): (Distance from Panaji: 13km)

Located behind the Convent of St. Francis and the Assisi Church, this museum has many important and beautiful works of art of the Portuguese dynasty. Their property is divided into eight galleries. The museum also has a collection of stamps, religious artifacts, and other such treasures.


Aguada Fort: (Distance from Panaji: 16km)

This seventeenth-century fort built along the shore of the Mandovi River, the fort built by the Portuguese, Dutch, and Maratha dynasties also ruled over Goa and the main strategic fort is Aguada Fort.


Calangute, Baga Beach: (Distance from Panaji: 14.5km)

Both Calangute and Baga beaches are adjacent to each other and it is not known when one of them started.

These are the most crowded beaches in North Goa, on both of these beaches, you can enjoy water sports like parasailing, banana rides and many more.

Calangute & baga beach goa

Anjuna Beach: (Distance from Panaji: 20km)

Another beach in Goa that first famed beach in Goa was due to hippie culture, this beach is famous for its sunset.


Arambol Beach: (Distance from Panaji: 36.1km)

Situated in North Goa, this beach has a quiet and beautiful beach which always attracts foreign tourists. It is not as crowded as other beaches. 

In the evening, tourists bid farewell to the sun with the sound of musical instruments.

Arambol_beach goa

Dona Paula Beach: (Distance from Panaji: 7.2km)

This beach is one of the major beaches in Goa and is crowded during the tourist season. It is home to many industrialists and rich people and has many hotels and restaurants for tourists.


Vagator Beach: (Distance from Panaji: 18.7km)

If you are looking for a beach for photography, you should definitely visit this beach once. Vagator Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa for photography. 

Vagator Beach is crescent-shaped on the banks of the Chapora River. 

Vagator_Beach goa

Mandovi River Cruising

In the waters of the Mandovi River where the Arabian Sea meets the Arabian Sea, you can enjoy a cruising experience with Goan music, You can also have a fascinating view of Panaji at night while cruising. 

There are many cruise boats available for cruising, from which you can take a tour of the Mandovi river. 

There are also casinos, you can enjoy it too.

mandavi-nadi-cruize goa



Known as the commercial capital of Goa, In Margao Portuguese churches with Portuguese style and unique treasure of residential buildings. 

Madgaon is a beautiful place for tourists who love to see beautiful architectural houses and monuments.   

margao south goa

Mangueshi Temple: (Distance from Margao: 25km)

21 km from Panaji Mangueshi is Lord Shiva’s temple. This 450-year-old temple is a symbol of faith.

Peace of mind and happiness can be experienced after visiting the temple premises. The seven-storied lampstand in the temple premises attracts the attention of devotees.

Shri_Mangueshi_temple goa

Shanta Durga Mandir: (Distance from Madgaon: 36km)

33 km from Panaji. There is a beautiful idol of Goddess Durga in the temple of Shri Shantadurga. This incarnation of Shri Jagdamba Devi, who came to mediate between Shri Vishnu and Shri Shiva, came to be known as Shri Shantadurga Devi.

Shanta Durga Mandir goa

Naval Aviation Museum: (Distance from Madgaon: 27km)

Goa is the only place where the Indian Naval Aviation Museum is situated. This museum is popular all over Asia. If you are going to Goa, be sure to visit here as you will find here seven different types of aircraft, rockets, bombs, parachutes, pilot’s dress, etc. 

Naval Aviation Museum goa

Heart Shape Lagoon, Chicolna: (Distance from Madgaon: 29km)

This lake is a heart-shaped lagoon located a few meters away from the waves crashing in the beach rocks and to stay calm for a few hours, you have to experience the perfect calm nature once in a while.

heartshape-lake goa

Majorda Beach: (Distance from Madgaon: 11.7km)

Majorda Beach is a golden soft sand beach which is one of the important beaches in South Goa. The beach is famous for its beautiful sunsets. We can enjoy water sports like parasailing, banana rides on this beach.

Majorda Beach south goa

Colva beach : (Distance from Madgaon: 6.5km)

About 6 km from Madgaon. Colva Beach is located on its scenic beach, with many resorts, hotels, beach shows, pubs, bars. The beach is crowded to watch the sunset.

Colva beach south goa

Braganza House, Chandor: (Distance from Madgaon: 8.1km)

Braganza House built in the 17th century is a splendid Portuguese palace. It is close to Chandor village. This house is built by the Braganza family. 

The 17th-century Italian marble floors add to the charm of the house, along with the saloon, ballroom, old-fashioned chandeliers, and ornate furniture. Its library, considered to be the first private library in Goa, and the famous journalist of his time, Luis de Menzies Braganza, has collected nearly 5,000 books.

Braganza House south goa

Dudhsagar Waterfalls: (Distance from Margao: 46.6km)

Goa’s Dudhsagar Falls is a magnificent waterfall where waterfalls like milky foam from the high and steep slopes of the mountain. The height of this waterfall is 310 meters.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls goa

Betul Beach: (Distance from Madgaon: 23.1km)

Betul Beach is small but beautiful. There are no big hotels in this area. But it is convenient to rent the houses of the locals. Betul Beach is a scenic beach in Goa, south of Mobor Beach. This beautiful beach is near the Sal River Delta.

Betul beach goa

Betul Fort: (Distance from Madgaon: 21.2km)

Betul Fort was built in the 17th century on the orders of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort is built on a strategic site at the meeting point of the Arabian Sea and Sal River. The fort was later conquered by the Portuguese.

Betul Fort goa

Betul Lighthouse: (Distance from Madgaon: 19km)

Betul Lighthouse in Quitol stands as brightly as the apostle. Painted in bright red and white stripes, this landmark is visible from a long distance. The lighthouse is built on a hill and is surrounded by tall grass on one side and shore on the other side.

betul light house goa

From this site, you can have a beautiful view of the sunset from this hill.  

Palolem Beach: (Distance from Madgaon: 39.1km)

This beach is located in the canacona area of ​​South Goa. This beach is peaceful and safe so many locals and foreign tourists visit here. The tall and thick trees of coconut remind you of a true coastal site. 

Along with swimming, kayaking, parasailing we can do boating, fishing on this beach.

Palolem Beach south goa

Cola Beach & Lagoon: (Distance from Madgaon: 37.2km)

The scenic Cola Beach in South Goa is a beautiful place. 

For Honeymoon couples it is a very beautiful destination. The lagoon on Cola Beach is a beautiful discovery of nature, but the road to get here is very bumpy. If you have your own car, you should drive carefully. 

Most tourists visit very few places so places are huge crowds. So you can’t enjoy tourism.

In Goa, the main tourist attraction is the places in the North Goa area. Such as Old Goa, Panaji, Calangute and Baga Beach and temples. But if you look at the list of places in South Goa given above, you will notice. What rich places in Goa.

Cola Beach & Lagoon goa

Agonda Beach: (Distance from Madgaon: 39.3km)

This beach is in South Goa. It is a very long and wide beach. Away from the noise of the city. There is no crowd here. Here are hats on the beach, where you stay and enjoy the natural beauty of the coast and boat ride between Cola Beach  Lagoon, Honeymoon Beach, ButterflyBeach and also you can hire a boat for fishing.

agonda beach goa

Stone Formation Near Agonda Beach: 

Crossing the hill of Agonda Beach to see the amazing rock formations, this place is all beautiful for those who love photography.

Rock Formation near agonda beach south goa

Honeymoon Beach:  (Distance from Madgaon: 42km)

There are several hills between Palolem and Agonda Beach. It has a honeymoon beach which is a small beach where no one lives anywhere. But for photography there is beautiful landscaping, You can go here from Agonda beach and Palolem by charter boat. 

Honeymoon-Beach south goa

Butterfly Beach: (Distance from Madgaon: 37km)

It is tough to reach by road at Butterfly Beach, If you are going by road you have to go to the dense forest, You can go here from Agonda beach and Palolem by charter boat. 

Dip Sea Fishing:

For fishing in November-December you can catch Big Gropper, Snapper, Giant Travel, Barramundi, and Threadfin (seasonal, but rare) in deep water. Morning and late evening are said to be the best times. You can go fishing by charter boat from Agonda Beach and Palolem Beach Beach.

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